It’s getting late and the mistakes are starting

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Cratesmith just captured this gem from our source control repo.:

I shouldn’t laugh. I just spent 20 mins trying to fix a raycasting “bug”. Turns out my game object was half a metre too high in the world and so the rays were passing over the heads of the good guys.


We have movement!

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Ok so development has properly started now.

The level editor is getting honed by Mr Matt Fucking Ditton. Milenko is working away on art assets. Kieran has created a player (with a flash light!) and I’m working on the enemy units… trying to get them moving nicely. I need to work out path finding in Unity. This being my first Unity project, that will take a little research. Tips welcome.

And we’re off!

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The #fab48hr has started! So far we’ve found out our three words: “key”, “badger”, and “suit”.

We found out those words just under six hours ago, and in that time we’ve managed to do a solid brainstorming session and come up with our basic idea of what we are aiming to create.

There are still some rough edges on the concept but we feel we’re now ready to jump into initial development and start testing our ideas in practice.

The Alliance of Indie: Australian game studios team up for the Fab 48 Hour Game Jam!

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The cream of Australia’s indie game development world are joining forces to compete in Brisbane’s annual fab48hr computer game making competition.

Last years winners, Cratewerks, which included Mr Matt Fucking Ditton and Cratesmith, are combining forces with one of 2007 and 2008 winners, Agent Tom Killen, of the teams sif90 (2007, 2008) and The Voxel Agents (2010). They will be joined by the exceptionally talented Liam Hill, Mark Filippelli, and Milenko.

Mr Fucking Ditton (on the left) and Crateworks (on the right) are back again!

The 2010 event saw close competition between both Cratewerks and The Voxel Agents. Both teams made great games and in the final community voting round, Cratewerks won by a crucial single vote.

Joining them will be Agent Tom (second left) of The Voxel Agents

There were some calls for the two teams to fight it out once more, but according to Matt Ditton ofCratewerks, it makes more sense for the teams to combine forces. “It was a tight competition back in 2010, and even though we did beat those guys pretty soundly, working together is always better than working apart.”

Agent Tom of The Voxel Agents put it more bluntly. “It you can’t beat them, join them.”

You can follow the Alliance of Indie struggle through sleep deprivation, caffeine overload, and the need to get along at their blog ( and over Twitter@allianceofindie.

The fab48hr is a computer game making competition for Australian independent and student developers. It runs from Friday, 30 September, to Sunday evening on October 2. Over 48 hours, participants must come up with a game idea, and then make that game in a frantic weekend of programming, art, and design.

About The Alliance of Indie
The Alliance of Indie are Liam Hill (Defiant Development3 Blokes Studios), Cratesmith (Cratesmith,DefiantStrange Loop), Mr Fucking Ditton (Queensland College of Art, Defiant), Milenko (Strange Loop,Defiant), Mark Filippelli (Strange Loop), and Agent Tom (The Voxel Agents).

Twitter: @allianceofindie

So who’s in the team?

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Liam Hill of 3 Blokes & Defiant – @LiamAndrewHill

Kieran Lord of CratesmithDefiant & Strangeloop – @cratesmith

Matt Ditton of QCA & Defiant – @polymonkey

Milenko Tjunic of Strangeloop & Defiant

Mark Filipelli of Strangeloop

Tom Killen of The Voxel Agents – @tomkillen @thevoxelagents

Announcing the ALLIANCE OF INDIE!!!!

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The Voxel Agents. Defiant. Cratesmith. Strange Loop. 3 Blokes.

We are the Alliance of Indie.

We are joining forces to compete in Brisbane’s Fab 48 Hour game making competition – September 30 2011.

After travelling from all over the continent of Australia, we will lock ourselves in a room for 48 hours and make something indie awesome.

Follow us on Twitter! @allianceofindie